500 Per Crore / Sep 28, 2021

At certain times, as an investor you might have been concerned about the financial and commodity market because of the frequent fluctuations. As we all know, price varies rapidly because of factors such as war, government policies, economy, weather, agricultural production, election results, etc.


As an investor, you must have a mentality to keep yourself protected against price variations. You can however keep yourself completely out of this concern by adopting the future and options stock derivatives. Yes, you can indeed secure your savings in the share market with future and options stock derivatives.


Hold on a minute, Have you got a deep understanding of future and options stock derivatives? If not, the 500 per crore team is here to guide you to make your investments more valuable. Yes, 500 per crore offer expert advice from the stock market analyst and would also assist you in making your savings profitable from F&O derivatives. Let's have a look at what is future and options stock derivatives and how to invest in them.




Future and option in the share market are the contracts signed by two parties for trading a stock asset at a pre-established price in a due course of time. Adopting this trading strategy would help you to derive the price for underlying assets such as stock market indices, shares, commodities, ETF's and more.


These contracts are widely used by both hedgers and speculators on a variety of underlying securities. The future and option trading offers the investor certain benefits such as:


  • Futures are of the greatest demand for trading certain investments like commodities, currencies and indexes.
  • As an investor, you will be charged with fixed upfront trading costs.
  • Being an investor, you will be able to understand the pricing of commodities, stock market indices and shares.




For trading in future and options you would need to have a DEMAT and trading account. Are you new to the share market? Never mind, explore the wide range of expert driven strategies offered by 500 per crore for efficient trades. Be a 500 per crore investor open your DEMAT account now!


At first, you will need to invest a margin amount to buy or sell futures or to sell an option. The margin amount is predicted to vary from stock to stock, to buy an option, you would only need to deposit a premium amount. As discussed before, the F&O value is derived by the underlying assets.


It's recommended that every future and option contract must have a counterparty. Let it be the buyer of future or options contract, every buyer must need to have a 'seller' or 'writer'. Most of the activity in F&O trading is speculative as the investors would prefer themselves to be protected against price risks and gain profits from the price fluctuations in the share market.


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