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lowest brokerage charges in india

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Our history

500 Per Crore, was established in the mid-2000s and is now very well established. As a financial services firm, we provide brokerage services for the Indian commodity market trader, as well as offering a range of other financial products. Our vision when we set up the company was to empower investors by making the act of investing convenient, transparent and safe. This remains our mission to this very day as we enter a brand new decade of continuing our commodity trading services in India 2020.

In the time since our inception we have become instrumental in introducing the concept of ‘discount broking’ and opening the doorways for anyone and everyone to have the chance of participate in the world of commodity trading. Thanks to our pioneering concept, which offers some of the lowest brokering charges in India, the right to trade is no longer reserved by the big players and the traditional brokers. With this initiative, we have put India in line with the way trading is done in other developed markets.

Now with 275 branches which are mostly located in South India, and an investor base of more than 30,000 traders, 500 Per Crore is going from strength to strength. We also have sub-broker outlets in many areas, an online portal and our very own mobile app so you can always find a way to conduct your trading with ease. Our customers love the free, unlimited call-and-trade feature that we offer, as well as the fact that we set up your demat account absolutely free and we have some of the longest customer care availability hours from 9am to 11.25pm.

Commodity trading in India is something that is being explored my more and more people every year as discount brokers such as 500 Per Crore make it more accessible and affordable for all. The most widely traded commodities in India are in the ‘bullion’ category (precious metals); gold, silver, aluminium, copper, nickel, lead, and zinc, followed by the ‘energy’ category (natural resources); crude oil and gas. The other categories are ‘agriculture’ or ‘soft commodities’ which includes crop produce such as grains, spices, pulses, and seeds from which oil is obtained, and finally ‘services’; such as mining.

At first it may seem complicated and risky to invest in commodities. While it is true to say that there is always an element of risk in every form of trading, commodity trading need not actually be complicated. With 500 Per Crore’s weekly training sessions you will soon grasp a good understanding of how the market works. It is all based around the fundamentals of supply and demand. History has shown commodity pricing to be less volatile than shares and bonds, so this makes it an attractive proposition for new investors and existing traders who are looking to add some diversity to their portfolio.

500 Per Crore employees are trained professionals, and are committed to the company values of “Integrity”, “Customer Centric”, “Long- Term Perspective”, “Passion to Excel”, “People Development” and “Total Compliance”.