Lowest brokerage for trading in india

Lowest brokerage for trading in india

Popular for our Lowest Brokerage AT FLAT Rs. 500 Per Crore with Highest intraday margin.

Our history

500 Per Crore,is a well established financial services firm, that provides brokerage services for commodities, besides distributing a range of financial products to its clients. 500 Per Crore ventured into the brokerage business in the mid 90s with a mission to empower investors by making investing safe, transparent and convenient.

500 Per Crore has a well established presence across South India with a satisfied investor base of over 30000, serviced through its network of 275 Branches/ Sub-Broker outlets and its online portal, www.500percrore.com.

500 Per Crore employees are professional in approach and are committed to its shared values, Viz, “Integrity”, “Customer Centric”, “Long- Term Perspective”, “Passion to Excel”, “People Development” and “Total Compliance”.

We continously strive to empower the retail community by sharing knowledge, providing superior tools and intuitive support, all at minimal costs.

We have been instrumental in introducing and popularizing “discount broking” in India, the way most developed markets trade.