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What makes 500 Per Crore the best discount broker in India? First let us understand what the meaning of ‘discount broker’ actually is.

Traditional stock brokers in India such as Kotak Securities, Axis Direct, ICICI Direct, Angel Broking etc. are all considered to be ‘full-service’ brokers. This means that they do not only allow an individual access to the stock market so that they can begin trading, but they also offer advice, recommendations, resources and tips to traders. For this extra service they charge a premium price which comes under the name ‘brokerage fees’. People who have been trading for many years, who are very confident in playing the markets and have a high profit margin do not care about the expense of these brokerage fees as they can easily cover it every month and still have sufficient profit to work towards their goals. However, for some investors the situation will be quite different. Newcomers to the world of investment trading will most likely start with a small amount of capital and will not be expecting to receive large amounts of profits in the early stages of their trading careers. They will not be able to easily absorb the brokerage fees that are charged by such full-service brokers as we have mentioned above.

This is why they should take a look at the top 10 discount brokers in India, and explore the economical route into trading, avoiding those overhead costs of the traditional brokers. Of course discount brokers are not only for newcomers. Many of the top discount brokers in India have clients who are experienced and have been trading for many years. These are the sorts of investors who are very comfortable in trading in substantial amounts, but have the experience and skill to be comfortable managing their own account without any advice or help from anybody else. They recognize their personal strengths and weaknesses, and have a solid commodity trading strategy in place which they stick to meticulously. For these most disciplined of traders who do not require any advice from others, they can also reap the benefit of 500 Per Crore’s discount broking platform by saving themselves a large amount of money that they would otherwise be wasting in brokerage fees if they had been using a full-service broker.

With superior services such as customer support from 9am to 11.25pm, our own mobile app, and free tips delivered directly to your mobile. With our unlimited, free call and trade facility. With the fact that we offer you a free demat trading account (with no setup fees) that stays with you for a lifetime, even if you take your business elsewhere, it is not hard to see why our customers love us so much. You only have to take a look at the positive testimonials from the many satisfied customers (of which we have over 30,000) who have availed of the 500 Per Crore’s discount brokerage to see why they rate us their best discount trading broker in India 2020.

Just 500 Per Crore Other Brokers
Mobile App Yes. Free No
Intraday Limit 20 Times default Up to 4 Times Intraday
Tips On mobile Yes. Free No
Pay In & PayOut Instant credit & limit updatation Not Instant
Support 9.00AM To 11.25PM 9.30AM to 5:00PM

Training Program

EveryWeek Free training to understand the Market Scenario.

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Sure Shot Calls

We Provide Sure Shot quality live calls and follow up of calls.

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top discount brokers in india

Lowest Brokerage in India

Discount brokerage just R. 499 per month in India & 20 Times Limit for MCX and Nse Futures online Trading account.

No Hidden Charges

Visit our discount Brokerage section to check the other charges which has No Hidden charges at lowest brokerage for commodity trading.

best discount broker in india
best discount broker in india

Highest Intraday Margin

Highest Intraday margin For commodity trading up to 10 Times at lowest brokerage also called discount brokerage & zero brokerage.

24 X 7 Back Office

500 Per Crore Provides backoffice Support to its Franchisee.

top 10 discount brokers in india