500 Per Crore / Sep 28, 2021

Gold is the most precious metal that is highly consumed by Indian consumers. People in India wear gold frequently as they believe wearing authentic designs of gold denotes their status in society. Indians also treat gold as a physical asset in which they can sell it instantly for their sudden requirements in the future.


However, the attitude of Indian people has changed drastically in terms of investment because they prefer to choose financial assets when compared to physical assets. But, in both the cases the investors would purchase the asset only when the price is low or would purchase it irrespective of price depending on their requirements.


In this blog, we'll discuss why people choose both gold and stocks for investment and also compare the benefits between them.



Gold is a physical asset with a proven track record of stable growth. Indians consider gold as a "safe haven" investment as the value of assets tends to increase when there is a depreciation in the financial market. Gold is an investment option that helps you to protect during unpredictable financial swings.


Investing in Gold is an easy option to invest. All you require is an easy liquidation with storage options available. You can also choose gold saving schemes offered by jewelers by paying monthly installments to purchase your gold jewels.



Stocks are financial asset that helps an investor to invest in the shares listed by the companies available in the stock exchanges. Choosing the stocks in a stock market would require expert guidance as you would need to conduct technical and fundamental analysis for profitable returns. Investing in stocks can fetch you higher returns when compared to gold as the stock performance depends on the company's growth.


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APPROACHING PRICE RISE & FALL: This is the common factor that affects the performance of both investment options. This is because both investment options have their own market factors that determine the price. Investing in stocks can fetch you high returns when compared to gold investment but at certain market conditions the stock price might depreciate and also has the possibility to regain its market position.


FOLLOW THE THUMB RULE: Invest in Gold when the price is low and hold on to the asset till the price rises. While investing in the share market, ensure to start with a low investment as it will help you to gain better experience in the stock market. While investing in both options you should always ensure that you keep a small savings by your side to protect you from swing fluctuations.


BE CAUTIOUS: If you choose to invest in gold or stocks, ensure you never invest your whole savings on a single asset as it can lead you to huge loss in the future. While investing in gold or stocks, always diversify your investment portfolio as it will help you to overcome the loss faced while investing in one asset.



When you are asked to choose between gold or stocks, choose the best one based on your priority as both options serve their own purpose. Choosing stocks would give you a chance to earn more profit similarly while choosing gold the price may depreciate based on the dollar value. Hence, analyze your requirement and choose the best investment option!


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