500 Per Crore / Sep 28, 2021

As a beginner, you want your savings deposited in the stock market through a trusted brokerage firm with the lowest brokerage fee. You might have come across different trading brokers in India but before choosing one analyze the brokerage firm's experience in the market and the strategies it adopts for its investors. In this case, you can choose 500 per crore as it has been a trusted brokerage firm backed by lakhs of investors. 500 per crore also offers the lowest brokerage fee in the stock market to its valuable investors.


As you are looking for a trust worthy brokerage firm with the lowest brokerage fee in India, you need to know how the brokers are categorized in India and you should also know how to choose the right broker in terms of brokerage fee.




In India, the brokers are classified into two types namely full-service brokers and discount brokers. Let's have a close look at who are these brokers and their respective roles.




A full-service broker is a licensed financial broker who offers a huge variety of services to its investors. These services include research and planning, tax tips, retirement planning and much more. The full-service broker offers you the service of buying and selling shares for a better return. They also provides expert advice to the investors for a profitable return on their investment.




A discount broker is a stockbroker who buys and sells your order at a discounted commission rate. If you are in search of the lowest brokerage fee for your trading then discount brokers are the perfect option for you. Discount broker perform your order at a low cost but they don't provide expert advice on your stock. These brokers do not offer personal consultation, informative research on your stock or tax planning for their investors.




If you are a beginner in the share market, it is recommended to opt for a full-service broker as they would guide you through professional investment strategies and give advice for a profitable return. It is also recommended to investors who choose to invest in the stock for the long term to go for a full-service broker as they could serve you with accurate data for better investment options. As a beginner, if you want to know how to invest in the stock market, seek expert advice from the 500 per crore team. Open your DEMAT account with 500 per crore today!


If you are an investor who has been trading multiple times a day and has a relevant investing knowledge in the stock market you can then hire a discount broker to minimize your brokerage fee. You can also prefer discount brokers for short term investments because of the lowest brokerage charges.


As an investor, you might now be aware of choosing the best broker based on your requirement in investment. If you have any queries in stock market investment, you can reach out to 500 per crore - India's leading brokerage firm. 500 per crore has an expert team to guide you in buying and selling stocks in the share market. Visit our Facebook page and get instant updates on trading every day!


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